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The Authority is the successor of former regulatory institutions in the sector that were merged into Directorates under the Authority, with the commencement of Crops Act, 2013 on 1st August 2014 , including Coffee Board of Kenya, Kenya Sugar Board, Tea Board of Kenya, Coconut Development Authority, Cotton Development Authority, Sisal Board of Kenya, Pyrethrum Board of Kenya, Horticultural Crops Development Authority.


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Tips on how to curb Armyworm

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Recently, FAW has spread to Southern and Eastern Africa and has brought havoc to maize farmers. In Kenya, the fall armyworm (Spodopterafrugiperda) is becoming a nightmare to cereal farmers especially in Tranzoia, Vi-higa, Kakamega, Kisii, […]

Secrets of better yields in growing potatoes

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Many Kenyan farmers harvest five to seven tonnes from an acre, according to available statistics. This is by far short of the optimal yield of between 16 and  20 tonnes or up to 400 sacks […]