Sugar Directorate, in consultation with county governments, is mandated to regulate, promote and develop sugar crop

The functions of the Directorate include:

  1. Participate in the formulation and implementation of overall policies, plans and programs of work for the development of the industry.
  2. Act as an intermediary between the industry and the Government
  3. Facilitate the flow of research findings to interested parties
  4. Monitor the domestic market with a view to identifying and advising the government and interested parties on any distortions in the sugar market.
  5. Provide financial, economic, technical, safety and environmental advisory services to growers, outgrowers institutions and the millers to achieve efficiency.
  6. Establish and implement guidelines on pricing of sugar cane and appropriation of proceeds from the disposal of the co-products between millers and growers.
  7. Represent the industry in such organizations as are relevant for the promotion of the industry.
  8. Oversee the formulation of standard provisions governing the mutual rights and obligations of growers, millers and other interested parties.
  9. Collect, collate and analyse industry statistics and maintain a database for the industry
  1. Issuing the following licenses:
    1. Sugar cane millers
    2. Importers/Exporters
  2. Issuing Molasses permits
  3. Promoting and encouraging the use of environment friendly technologies in the industry;
  4. Facilitating an equitable mechanism for the pricing of sugar-cane and appropriation of proceeds from the disposal of the by-products of sugar production between growers and millers.

Licensing procedure

  1. Application for license using the relevant application forms
  2. Submission of the prescribed documents
  3. Vetting of the applications by the Directorate’s Licensing Vetting Committee.
  4. Application is approved by AFFA ‘s Licensing and Evaluation Committee
  5. Issuance of license is thereafter issued to the applicant.
  6. Upon licensing of an importer, he/she can now apply online for a master document which is a blanket approval for the entire year using the KENTRADE SYSTEM.

Sugar importation pre-shipment approval (process)

  1. Submission of the following to the Vetting Committee at Sugar Directorate
  • Quantity and type of Sugar
  • Country of Origin
  • Proforma Invoice showing all charge s(FOB, Freight, Insurance, Premium)
  • Intended time of importation
  • Supplier

 2. A pre-shipment letter is issued after an approval is granted.

Sugar importation permit (submitted online)

  1. Online submission of the following after securing a pre-shipment approval:
  • Dated Bill of Lading
  • Imports Declaration Form (IDF)
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Commercial Invoice

The Directorate will continue undertaking the above functions until the new regulations are gazetted after which the shared licensing role (with County Governments) shall take effect.