The Food Crops Directorate is a new Directorate established in August 2014 pursuant to section 11 of AFFA Act 2013,with a mandate to regulate all the scheduled food crops which are broadly categorized into three;

  1. Cereals
  2. Legumes
  3. Roots and Tubers.

The Directorate has developed draft Crops (Food crops) Regulations 2015. Upon gazettement of the regulations, the Directorate shall facilitate the following broad areas for regulation in consultation with County Governments

  1. Registration of growers , grower associations and dealers in food crops or food crop products
  2. Licensing of Processors,
  3. Licensing of warehouses and warehouse operators
  4. Licensing imports and exports
  5. Quality assurance of food and food crops produce through:
  • Development of food safety standards in collaboration with other Government agencies.
  • Capacity building of county Governments and food crops stakeholders.
  • Development of a food crops produce and products traceability system
  • Development and promotion of  best practices across the food crops value chains

For more inquiries call the Directorates hotline : 0790409435